A Colourful Version of the True Bias Hudson Pant

The one thing that I did finish this past month was a pair of the True Bias Hudson Pant which I have in stock here.  I decided earlier in the year to do an #everydayeverymonth challenge to make an everyday item to wear each month this year. The Hudson Pant was April’s entry. Now I’ll freely admit that I’m not usually a jogging bottom kinda girl unless I’m exercising. Don’t get me wrong, I love to be comfortable in clothing but I’m also 36, curvy, don’t always bother with makeup and a mum.  I just end up looking like I can’t be bothered with real clothes instead of looking effortlessly fashionable like other people seem to in Hudsons.  So mine are for those days when you don’t want to get out of your pyjamas but have to.  Apparently if you nag your kids to get dressed, you actually have to as well. Who knew?! 

I noticed that the pattern is drafted for a 5’5″ woman and I’m 5’10” so I knew right off that I’d need to add length. I also have what my mother diplomatically calls “child bearing hips and muscly thighs” (read that as huge hips compared to my waist and thighs like a weightlifter).  The Hudson Pant is a fitted design, so I added 3″ to the length and chose the right size to cut for my hips and thighs based on the finished garment size. I’m really happy with the fit around that area so the finished garment measurements proved to be accurate. However, I’d run out of cotton tape and decided that the waist measurement wasn’t too far from my actual waist and I opted not to add the drawstring waist.  It was a big mistake as the waist is huge on me.  Its not quite falling-down-when-I-bend huge, but it’s clearly a loose fit. One thing to fix on the next pair!

These ones used French Terry from Fabrics for All in Leeds. The next pair will be from my Dark Blue French Terry.

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