Starch For The Win

Today is a top tip post about starch. I know, starch is one of those things that grannies used to use back in the day but actually it’s incredibly useful when sewing knits that tend to roll.

I started off my sewing journey as a quilter and starch gets used sometimes in patchworking for pressing fabrics. So when I was struggling with a jersey hem that would not stay flat even after a lot of pressing (and I really do mean a lot, I melted the overlocker thread…), I tried my starch spray in desperation and found it worked a treat.   So here’s my lovely Frankie Tee (which is starting to look well worn after approximately 1000 washes). This was after I’d pressed it.Starch Trick Hem

I sprayed the hem with some best press as that’s what I use for quilting. I’ll do my best to get some in stock soon but I bought mine at a quilt show ages ago. After giving it a couple of seconds to soak in, I just ironed as normal.

Starch Trick Hem

And here’s the result. A nice flat hem that doesn’t show the overlocker threads from when I couldn’t be bothered to re-thread back to white! Why not give it a try too?Starch Trick Hem