The Supertote

One of the patterns I’ve been using quite a bit recently is the Noodlehead Supertote, although I still need to make one for myself. I seem to like gifting this one! I made a version for my friend Helen as a birthday present over a year ago now and it was a sneaky geek product as she loves her geeky TV shows. On the outside its mostly just plain navy blue but on the inside and the top its all Star Trek themed. I made the internal pockets big enough for shoes as this was to be used as a gym bag.

Noodlehead Supertote


The most recent one I made was for my Mum’s birthday out of this gorgeous Cotton+Steel swallows fabric along with some denim and Cloud 9 scraps.

Noodlehead Supertote

This one has smaller internal pockets (they’re sewn into sections) as she goes lots of places with my Dad and likes to take her knitting and sewing with her. Noodlehead Supertote

The bag works in most quilting cottons and canvas. I can’t wait to finally make one for myself!

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