Colette Albion Duffle Round 2

Colette Albion Duffle Round 2

After last months' Albion Duffle coat was finished, I realised 2 things: firstly that coats are a major project and secondly that I still needed a coat of my own. So off I set again!

I was going to make a Kelly Coat like I'd said on my Monthly Sewing Challenge post, but I figured that I'd already made an Albion for the hubby, so I knew how to construct it already and I'd already got a toile to adjust. This time, I did a shorter version as I didn't want to be too matchy-matchy with the hubby's Albion Duffle. I lined the coat in the same way as version 1 but did the version 2 length.

I removed the external pockets as they looked a bit much on the shorter coat, but I did include the optional zip again which makes it far more cosy. Again, I made basic toggles using suede cord and toggle buttons from Duttons for Buttons in Harrogate. The grey coating was a bolt end I bought at the knitting and stitching show in November and the flannel is from Fabworks.

Colette Albion Duffle Shorter Coat

The lining choice proved to be a mistake as I chose a thicker flannel and it's a little too rigid on the sleeves, as well as making the shoulders look a little puffy when I'm wearing a sweater or hoodie underneath. I should learn to trust my instincts as I knew from the drape that it was stiffer than I needed! I also made the error of cutting the outer coat to the version 2 length which doesn't include an overlap for covering the bottom edges of the lining. I corrected that by removing 3cm off the bottom of the lining, so my coat is now 3cm shorter than I'd planned, but that is fine since I'd already added 10cm to the length to take into account my longer torso. I'll still make a Kelly later in the year, but I'll do an unlined one in waxed canvas or laminated cotton.