Lily Quilt

Lily Quilt

In the past few weeks, and I suspect for the next few months too, I've been tackling each of the patterns that are stocked on the website so that our wonderful customers can see what they look like when we visit craft fairs this year. This time it's the turn of Lily.

Lily is a pattern card from Villa Rosa Designs and costs just £2, so it's a cheap way to grab a great little pattern. I decided to use up the last of the Lewis and Irene Marrakech fabric and twin it with some of the AGF Pure Elements Snow fabric. The pattern takes 6 FQs, a further 0.5m for binding and 1.5m of background. It's one of those patterns that looks best with either 1 fabric range (bundle anyone?) or one colour from several ranges, both with a neutral background. Here's my FQ choice:

Lily quilt fabrics

Now, there's a lot of cutting to do before you can start, but once that's out of the way, it's a matter of chain piecing lots of strips so it's fairly simple to construct.

Lily quilt pieces

I cut out all my pieces over a couple of hours before I started and then selected them as I sewed to make sure there wouldn't be 2 adjacent pieces that were the same. Once the blocks were constructed, I then showcased them to get the most random pattern layout that I could:

Lily quilt blocks

As you can see, Lily is a log cabin block with a bit of a twist! Now all that was left was to sew the blocks together, baste, quilt and bind it. I decided to quilt simply, so I quilted the coloured rectangles round the edges and added some diagonal lines from the centre blocks to the corners. You could easily go crazy in all that negative space though! Here's the finished result:

Lily quilt completed

Why not raid your stash today and give one a go? Or raid the Bobbins and Bolts stash instead!