Rainbrella Rosa

I've finally completed my first #everydayeverymonth item and sewn myself a Rosa shirt in some lovely AGF Charleston Rainbrella shadow fabric, which I'm calling Rainbrella Rosa! I have both in stock and given that I've got a long torso, long arms and am ample in the boobage area, I figured Rosa would make a perfect start to increasing my everyday wardrobe with an item that I struggle to buy. Rainbrella Rosa shirt For a change I made a toile and I'm glad that I did as I did loads of adjustments to it! I'm incredibly lazy with doing this step usually and I just usually fudge my way round the fitting as I go but with the collar and all the mock flat fell seams I thought this might not be a great idea. My measurements had me between a 5 at the waist and smack bang between a 6 and 7 at the hips but that toile showed that this was really loose fitting and I prefer a more fitted look. I cut a 4 from the top to the waist and a 5/6 at the hips and then did an FBA to make room for my boobs (no popping buttons here!). Idle Fancy has a fab tutorial on FBAs for princess seams here if you're interested on how to do that. The shirt is actually really long in the torso so I didn't add any length to it whatsoever, but if you're a regular sized woman rather than 5'10" like myself, you might need to shorten it a fair bit. Rainbrella Rosa shirt I'm happy with the results although I've got to spend some time this weekend adding the buttons as I didn't have enough when I came to attach them. Even the inside looks pretty with all the overlocked edges and mock flat felled seams! I will however, do the optional longer cuffed sleeve when I do a flannel version of this later in the year. These sleeves are quite loose fitting and because they're 3/4 length, a cardigan or sweater over the top makes them bunch up a bit underneath. As per usual with Tilly and the Buttons patterns, the instructions are lovely and clear so I had no issues at all despite this being the first time that I've done a full collar and stand. Rainbrella Rosa shirt