Gallery Tunic + Dress

Gallery Tunic + Dress

This week I've been taking a break from the quilting and getting on with learning some new dressmaking skills with the Gallery Tunic + Dress pattern from Liesl + Co. I love this pattern for so many reasons! Firstly, it has amazingly clear instructions. With the exception of the collar (which was a new thing to learn to make for me), I found it to be really clear and easy to follow. Now I know how a collar is attached, it'd be a doddle to follow next time. Secondly, it has step by step instructions on doing a FBA which is something I always have to do.

Whilst I now know how to do it courtesy of following this post by the curvy sewing collective, it was nice to see the instructions included it for a change! Finally, it's so comfortable to wear. The first thing that I did was trace the pattern off and onto some greaseproof paper. I love using that as it's cheap, easily available and see through for tracing. I've traced the pattern rather than just cut into the provided one as I'm losing weight and running so much at the moment that my size keeps changing! If you look carefully on the left hand piece, you can see the minor FBA I did.

gallery tunic pattern

Here's the small darts I added during that process too:

gallery tunic dart

I'm using some lovely soft brushed cotton that I got from the Harrogate Knitting and Stitching Fair back in November. It's called by Paper Cranes by Kokka Japan. From start to finish, including all the FBA and some adjusting of the side seams as it had too much ease for my tastes, it's taken less than a day to constructed. I'm really pleased with the result and can't wait to make it again in some of our AGF prints that are lovely and lighter weight.

Update: A picture of the completed tunic on me (I'd apologise for the wet hair/no make-up look but it was after a run!). Such a comfy top.

Gallery tunic liesl and co