Tilly and the Buttons Frankie

Tilly and the Buttons Frankie

This month I finally got round to tracing some of the patterns from my copy of Tilly and the Buttons Stretch! book and stared off with a Frankie T-shirt.

I was a bit lazy and simply traced the pattern straight onto the fabric from the sheet of overlapping patterns. For this I used dressmakers carbon paper and a tracing wheel. I'm not a big fan of patterns that you can't just cut out but at least this'll mean that I can remake them for other people or if I change sizes. Ordinarily I would have traced it onto some paper (I like to use grease proof baking paper as its cheap and fairly see-through), but I figured that since I was only grading out at the hips, adding a bit of length and because its a simple 4 piece pattern, I'd chance it. I'm really pleased with the results!

I decided to go with the short turn-up sleeve version that's given as an option and opted to go for a different colour on the sleeves to the body. The pattern has raglan sleeves so it really shows off the main fabric well by doing this. For the sleeves I used some generic navy blue jersey that I got at some point for a t-shirt for the hubby and for the body I used some of my gorgeous Art Gallery Fabrics (AGF) knit in the Capsules Nest Clever Little Fox design. As per usual I added length as I'm tall so I lengthened by 3" at the recommended point.

Tilly and the Buttons Frankie Tshirt

I love how the Frankie has turned out! It fits really well without any adjustment to the bust and I graded up a size at the hips which was a good call. The finished garment measurements really helped and I wouldn't change anything the next time (and there's most certainly a next time!). This has really helped to fill a gap in my wardrobe that Me Made May has identified this year.