Tilly and the Buttons Stella

Well I've not blogged for a few weeks as my other day job of teaching random things (forensics one week, maths another, who knows what next week) at a local adult education college got in the way of sewing, but nonetheless, I made a Stella hoodie for one. In fact I've been working my way down my list of to-dos ready for this week -the start of Me Made May! If you're new to this challenge then you can find information about it over on the So Zo... blog. I'll blog some of the others during this week as I'll be sharing them over on Instagram as part of my Me Made May pledge to wear a hand sewn item every day and make 4 new items from my to do list. So far this week the weather isn't sure if it's monsoon season, the middle of autumn or the start of summer. In fact, its early spring in England. It's making dressing myself difficult, so there's an added element to the challenge! Anyhow, here's the Stella Hoodie that I made for myself recently (complete with "it has pockets" pin from Pink Coat Club on Etsy). This is a lovely, easy pattern to follow, which is of course typical of any of Tilly's patterns. The fit is amazing and other than a bit of lengthening and grading out at the hips a little, it didn't need much fiddling with.Tilly and the Buttons Stella Hoodie The dark blue and colourful fleck sweatshirt fleece is from Guthrie & Ghani, although I'll soon have a plain dark blue version of it back in stock. Because I'm 5'10", I needed to add 2" to the sleeve length and 4" to the body so that it fitted properly. I was using the free version of the pattern from Simply Sewing Magazine so there was no pocket hack and I decided to self draft one. Its definitely useful but adds bulk to my stomach making it less flattering. Since then my copy of Stretch! has arrived and I noticed there's a pocket you can add on that version. Tilly and the Buttons Stella Hoodie Now what happened next was my hubby joking tried on my hoodie whilst it was hanging on Celine (my dressform) and it very nearly fit him. So I took the pattern, added another inch to the sleeves, brought the waist out 2 sizes and the hips in one to box it out more and then made the hubby one too! He was out in it the other day and said he felt like he was wearing PJs as it was so comfy. Clearly I've now let him in on the whole "secret pyjamas" thing too!

Tilly and the Buttons Stella Hoodie