About Us

Hello from Gem at Bobbins & Bolts!


Bobbins and Bolts is an online and bricks and mortar fabric and dressmaking supplies store based in Harrogate, Yorkshire. We've been around since 2015 when I (Gem) and Jon (my tech-savvy hubby) decided that teaching high school science full time wasn't any fun most days and we formed a plan to sell sewing supplies online.

3 years, a move from one side of Yorkshire to the other and a spare room full of bolts of fabric and it was decided that maybe a local shop would now be a good idea. So off I went in search of the perfect space!  I'm now based on King's Road in Harrogate, just a few minutes walk away from town, where I teach sewing classes to adults and older children along with a few helpful expert tutors. I also have a boutique-style shop and ship orders both locally and internationally.

I've been sewing for as long as I can remember, learning the basics on my Mum's New Home machine that weighed about as much as a tank.  Once I got my own machine, I started my sewing journey off with patchwork, moved on to bag making and now mainly make garments. I'm 5'10" and curvy so nothing shop bought ever fits properly! Thankfully sewing my own things is great for both getting things to fit and for making something that no one else owns. 

My favourite part about running Bobbins (other than the lack of items thrown at my head now I'm not teaching in high schools...) is that I get to see people go from not being able to thread a sewing machine to making garments that fit perfectly and make them smile. 

If you're a beginner, I run classes every month on the very basics (how to thread a machine for example) and making your first garments. I've also got a great range of patterns and fabrics suitable for starting your sewing journey!  

If you already sew, I've got a wide range of indie patterns, haberdashery items and fabrics. I also run skills courses on things like pattern drafting and jeans making as well as short sessions on things like zip insertion.

If you’re local (or visiting the area) come and see us at 148 Kings Road, Harrogate, HG1 5HY. There’s even free parking right outside the shop for an hour!