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  • Legacy 180 Knit-n-stable Interfacing
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180 Knit-n-Stable Interfacing

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180 Knit-N-Stable Interfacing by Legacy/Pellon is a highly versatile sheer and fusible knit stabiliser.

It aids in preventing shredding during heavy embroidery needling, offers lightweight lining support that stretches with movement, and protects skin from irritating embroidery stitches.

Knit-n-stable is great for stretchy seams and stabilising collars, necklines, and hems. Ideal for delicate fabrics like silk, chamois, lame, satin, and spandex and will not change the drape or hand of fabric once fused. It is an interfacing specifically designed for use in sewing knit garments. 

    • White
    • 100% Polyester
    • Acid free
    • Machine wash warm on gentle cycle
    • Tumble dry low
    • Dry cleanable

For more information on how to apply 180 knit-n-stable, please see the Pellon pdf guide.

This is a small pack of 50cm x 91cm (20" x 1yd) perfect for sewing garments!