Megan Nielsen Kelly Skirt


Another catch-up of the last few months here and this time it is the Megan Nielsen Kelly skirt. Now I’m not really a skirt wearing kinda girl usually, I live in jeans and sweaters in the winter and the few days a year that count as British summer, I live in floaty dresses. The exception to this being work days when I tend to wear a lot of shift dresses and Coco ones too. So imagine my surprise when I found a skirt that not only complemented my little (ish) waist to big bum and hips shape! At the minute I’ve got the very similar Brumby pattern in my shop (it doesn’t have the buttons at the front though) but obviously everyone else agrees with me as they sell out regularly.

I made this one from a cosy and thick moleskin fabric from Fabworks and although its really comfy and warm, it is a little thick to take the pleats around my bum without sticking out further than it should. I’ll be using a drapier fabric next time. More importantly though it was a quick make, was easy to add 4 inches to for my crazy leg length and ITS GOT POCKETS!

Megan Neilsen Kelly

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